Our Team System!

Our team uses a simple system in order to grow a successful Arbonne business.

Our primary function as consultants, is to share our amazing products AND business plan with everyone we come into contact with.  

We strive to grow a large network of consumers who use and love our amazing products, this is our "client base".  All the while we are sorting through those who we meet to see who is ready to create an income as an Independent Consultant.

In order for our business to grow, we want to personally reach the monthly goal of meeting and sharing the Arbonne story (products AND business) with 30-50 new people each month which will help us reach our personal goal of:

$2500 in personal sales each month

4 new Preferred clients each month 

1 new Business partner each month

HOW do we do this????

We achieve this goal by working the 2 X 2 X 2 X 2

2 parties per week

2 one on one appointments/personal shopping appts. per week

2 sample packs/set drop offs per week

2 referrals per week

Your sponsor/business partner will go over exactly what each of these activities are, and how we execute them.  All the tools you will need, are found on this website!