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Welcome Call video

Heading 1

Heading 1

Watch our welcome call then check out our team smore newsletter for your training
Where to start here are your starting activities for your business!
These go in the "Personal Goal and Tracking Section" of your binder
please work on the first 9 items then get in touch with your sponsor to go over the next 4 items together
  • Your WHY, literally write down all the reasons WHY you are starting this new business!
There are many more helpful trackers etc in the "Advanced Consultant" tab on this website, we are just giving you the basics on this page.

Sponsors checklist: how to launch your new Consultant

  • Voxer - for team communications
  • Soundcloud - for training here are two of my favorites
  • Photofly - for invitations and flyers
  • My Office - Arbonne
  • Zoom - for training and team communications
Additional Reference material from Arbonne corporate You don't need to print these documents, they are here for you to reference when needed.
  • Success Plan