Presentations are the life blood of our business!

Whether you are meeting with 1 person, 2 people or 10 people!  We have an appropriate presentation and tools for each and every reach out method.

In the next few tabs here you will find:

One on One Presentation

Core Presentation

Wellness Presentation

Makeup Presentation

You will also find 2 more tabs under the presentation section that are what we call "reach out methods". They allow us to get samples to people, drop off sets of product to people OR meet people at fairs/networking events who we then put in our business cycle or funnel.

Sample/drop offs

Trade shows/wedding fairs

The Core Presentation is going to be the MAIN PRESENTATION WE USE as it showcases both the wellness and the skin care products.  All the other presentations are designed to add flavor, personality and optional choices for our hostess's but our main focus is the Core Presentation.

Tools you will be using no matter which presentation you are doing:
 I keep this bag in my car at all times.  These are the basics that come with me to every one on one, or group event.  Just post in the appropriate flip chart and you have everything you need for business info purposes
  • Laminated Eye on Arbonnes
  • Before and After pics-find them in the core presentation tab and laminate them to pass around
  • Lap boards from Arbonne
  • Product Catalogs
  • Pens and calculator and referral slips
  • Independent Consultant agreement forms from Arbonne
  • Retail order forms from Arbonne
  • Hostess brochure from Arbonne
  • Opportunity brochure from Arbonne
  • New Consultant Folders:  I purchase manila folders and in one I place 3 documents which you will find on the "let's get started" tab of this website.  
Video on the 3 Bag System